Mermaid Thalia

South Africa’s very first Professional Mermaid!


Since her days in Atlantis, Thalia has had an affinity for water and an obsession with Mermaids. Trying to find her feet in South Africa’s land-locked City of Gold was somewhat of a challenge… until she remembered it was her destiny to return to her Ocean Mother.

Thalia’s mission as an Atlantean Mer-Priestess is to ignite the memory and magick of Atlantis and carry it through into the New World to help Earth evolve into higher light consciousness.

Underwater model, dancer and choreographer, singer and performing artist, Atlantean enthusiast and ocean explorer, she has been on all kinds of watery excursions and is always looking for adventure!

Available for:

◊ Film Shoots

◊ Photoshoots

◊ Birthday Parties – Kids and Adults!

◊ Aquariums

◊ Corporate Functions

◊ Festivals

◊ Any Occasion that needs a Mermaid in its midst!



Mermaid Thalia

South Africa’s First Professional Mermaid! | Underwater Model & Choreographer | Performing Artist | Singer | Light Warrior of Atlantis


Thalia Sklair was born and raised in Johannesburg. Being landlocked her whole life, she yearned for the sea and knew that one day she would return to play in the waves as she did in Atlantis…

From the day she awoke to her purpose, Thalia put her blood, sweat and mermaid tears into making her dream come true, and by a series of miracles managed to manifest her very own, unique, locally made real-life Mermaid tail!

On 21.11.2015, Thalia launched her career as a Professional Mermaid at the annual Photo & Film Expo right here in the City of Gold, and became the first of her kind in the country.

Thalia has taken full advantage of her land-legs and danced her whole life. From Ballet to Hip-Hop, Capoeira to Physical Theatre and choreography, she completed her Performing & Visual Arts Degree at WITS and she now dances in the water.

A founding member of Body Incorporated, she is blessed to have South Africa’s leading underwater photographer Ilse Moore as her Official Photographer to capture the Mer-Magick.
Thalia is also a singer and a professional DJ with a flourishing music career. Check out her music here.

Mermaid Thalia has been sighted at:

Scarborough Beach, WC 2018
Port Alfred Marina 2017
Ushaka Marine World 2017
Mermaids Pool, Balito 2017
Revolution NYE Festival 2016/17
Photo & Film Expo 2016; 2015
Octopia Festival 2016
Sun City Palace 2016
Mozamboogy Festival 2016

Mermaid Thalia with Ilse Moore
DJ Thalia with Ilse Moore

Underwater photography workshop 2017 with Ilse Moore



Mermaid Thalia in Open water by Ilse MooreAtlantean Warrior Priestess Mermaid Thalia by Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia Atlantean GadrensDJ Thalia by Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia in Ocean MotionMermaid Thalia by Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia's 'Atlantean Hairdo' by Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia LaunchMermaid Thalia Scarborough Beach 1Mermaid Thalia Scarborough Beach 2Into the Depth by Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia Ilse MooreMermaid Thalia Birthday Party 1Atlantean Warrior Priestess Mermaid Thalia Ilse MooreDJ Thalia Underwater Dance by Ilse MooreMozamboogy 2018


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